Inspect, maintain and manage heritage assets remotely

Whether you are planning upgrades, routine inspections or simply want to capture and share your heritage site with the world, RICHPiX delivers optimum photo visualisation of these incomparable assets.

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RICHPiX Smart 360 delivers a fast and cost effective way to document the world’s phenomenal heritage sites. With the ability to provide a level of detail unmatched by LiDAR scanners, RICHPiX offers a remote viewing solution which is as suitable for leisure viewing by potential visitors as it is for detail work such as inspection and maintenance. Share and collaborate remotely on any device, with the ability to tier and restrict access levels as required. 


Astrea provides fully qualified RICHPiX© data capture specialists for all manner of heritage projects - or we can train your team.


RICHPiX can be used to document all facets of a project, using your chosen categorisation and taxonomies. Apply different levels of access to ensure users only see what is relevant to them. 


Our Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides unparalleled interactive 360 degree environments.

  • 100% UK Hosted Cloud Based Platform
  • Accessible on any device
  • Multiple Data Tagging tool to facilitate notes and document sharing
  • Intuitive 360 degree visualisation

RICHPiX Smart 360 for Heritage

RICHPiX Photo Visualisation for Heritage

The RICHPiX process offers a way of capturing site information in a visual format which is unmatched in its versality. 

We specialise in technical photography which maximises the  amount of data, colour and  texture within an image. More than this, it allows for the highest quality of 360 photogrammetic imaging and perhaps mostly importantly, enables you to share with the world. 

Whilst point-clouds give great geometry, they cannot match the detail that photography can provide – particularly in low and bright lighting and when documenting large objects.  

The beauty of our RichPix Smart 360 is that you have the option to generate the geometry or model at some later date if required for a specific project – and anyone can do it. All for a tenth the cost (or less)of LIDAR scanner kit!  

RICHPiX is by far the cheapest, most effective way to capture history.

heritage photo visualisation
heritage site 360

Heritage Specific Applications

Due to the versatility of the viewing system and the extreme detail of the images,  RICHPiX be used to provide 360 visual tours for prospective visitors but can also be utilised for inspection, maintenance and upgrade works. 

Below is a list of how our clients in the heritage sector have utilised RICHPiX: 

  • Education and outreach 
  • Academic Documentation 
  • Conservation 
  • Maintenance, inspection and dilapidation. 
  • Insurance 
  • Project management 
  • Visitor experience 
  • Marketing and promotion. 
  • Limited public access areas. 
  • BIM for Heritage Single data environment  without the cost of a scanning and modelling. Creation of Revit model. 

Find out how we can apply RICHPiX to your projects. Get in touch with the team today for a demo. The best part? It only takes 12 minutes of your time!

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