Capture tacit knowledge, inspect remotely and reduce in person nuclear site visits

We assist stakeholders in the nuclear industry to capture tacit knowledge in a uniquely visual and easily consumable way. Capture your nuclear plant in ultra high definition 360 images, then utilise our interactive viewing platform to notarise, tag, inspect or measure as your requirements dictate. Collaborate remotely on any device.

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Astrea provides fully qualified RICHPiX© data capture specialists for all manner of nuclear projects, including:

  • Decommissioning information mapping
  • Exit Knowledge Capture 
  • Virtual Safety Protocol


We use unique 32bit processing to deliver ultra high resolution images, in any lighting conditions. Never miss a key detail. 


RICHPiX can be used to document all facets of your project, using your chosen categorisation and taxonomies. Apply different levels of access to ensure users only see what is relevant to them.  Tier and organise your information in a visual format which is easily notarised and quickly consumable by the end user. 


Our Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides unparalleled interactive 360 degree environments.

  • 100% UK Hosted Cloud Based Platform
  • Accessible on any device
  • Multiple Data Tagging tool to facilitate notes and document sharing
  • Intuitive 360 degree visualisation

Key Benefits to the Nuclear Sector

Astrea Nuclear, powered by RICHPiX©, provides nuclear operators, contractors and other industry stakeholders with an unparalleled digital visualisation asset.

Our unique three step process provides a simple end-to-end data capture and visualisation process, with a number of key benefits:


Decommissioning information mapping, enabling tracking of information via multi-layered sources.

Safety Protocol

Harnessing the power of the digital twin to collate, collaborate and communicate with more clarity on safety cases, emergency response and outage planning.

Exit Knowledge Capture

Address sector criticality through efficient transfer of tacit knowledge, in a unique, visual database and digital twin asset.

Turning Night into Day with RICHPiX©

With nuclear maintenance and data capture often taking in areas with poor lighting conditions, visibility can present big challenges to the quality of any imagery.

Astrea RICHPiX© Studios process provides industry leading image processing, regardless of the lighting conditions – ensuring the highest quality imagery even during night or low visibility shoots.

Give our RICHPiX© image quality a test drive below, by moving the slider between the two images…

Standard Image

Cloud Based 360° Visualisation Platform

Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides an immersive experience that can be shared across all project stakeholders with ease.

Our intuitive platform is accessible via simple URL, across any device, and provides a range of capabilities to end users, including:

  • 360 degree visualisation
  • Data tagging tools
  • Addition of detailed static images / videos

Find out how we can apply RICHPiX to your projects. Get in touch with the team today for a demo. The best part? It only takes 12 minutes!

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