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Astrea RICHPiX© is transforming Heritage documentation, building & structure condition control via interactive 360 degree visualisation 32-bit photogrammetry

Astrea RICHPiX© is transforming the heritage and real estate industry, with a unique 3 step process:

Data Capture

Astrea provides fully qualified RICHPiX© data capture specialists for all manner of real estate projects, including:

  • RICHPiX© Qualified Specialists

  • Delapidation Capture
  • Full Site Capture
  • Construction Progress

Image Processing

Astrea provides exclusive image processing in partnership with RICHPiX© Studios for the real estate industry:

  • Unique 32bit Processing

  • 360 Degree Imagery
  • Ultra High Resolution
  • Turn Night into Day

Visualisation Platform

Our Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides unparalleled interactive 360 degree environments:

  • 100% UK Hosted Cloud Based Platform

  • Accessible on Any Device
  • Intuitive 360 Degree Visualisation
  • Multiple Data Tagging Tools

Digital Building & Structure Condition Control

Astrea RICHPiX©, provides landlords, contractors and surveyors a complete asset life cycle visual documentation solution, including groundbreaking building & structure delapidation visualisation.

Our unique three step process provides a unique end-to-end solution for condition control, including:

  • Multi asset management
  • GIS interface & connectivity
  • Capture “before, during & after” of building & renovation works
  • Provide intuitive and interactive visual documentation of delapidation

Cloud Based 360° Visualisation Platform

Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides an immersive experience that can be shared across all project stakeholders with ease.

Our intuitive platform is accessible via simple URL, across any device, and provides a range of capabilities to end users, including:

  • 360 degree visualisation
  • Data tagging and Search tools
  • Addition of detailed static images / videos

Check out a live working demo of Astrea RICHPiX:

Turning Night into Day with RICHPiX©

With building surveys taking place regardless of weather conditions, visibility can present big challenges to the quality of any imagery.

Astrea RICHPiX© Studios process provides industry leading image processing, regardless of the lighting conditions – ensuring the highest quality imagery even during night shoots.

Give our RICHPiX© image quality a test drive below, by moving the slider between the two images…

Standard Image


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