Save time, money and mileage on creating crucial site documentation

We assist construction companies in building 360 visual PCI, CDM and site handover documentation. Access and share remotely to ensure all stakeholders can be there from anywhere.

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RICHPiX Smart 360 enables stakeholders in construction to easily compile crucial site documentation, many of which are legal requirements, and share seamlessly in a visual and easily consumable format. We offer an alternative to traditional, paper-heavy and labour intensive approach. Site documentation is a crucial part of the construction process. It isn’t simply about a folder of photographs but linking real data and knowledge to any user.

RICHPiX uses 360 virtual tour software to provide photo documentation of any documents, deliverable drawings, images, LiDAR, photogrammetry as built and point clouds. All on one searchable platform, viewable by anyone with a browser.


Astrea provides fully qualified RICHPiX© data capture specialists for all manner of construction projects, including:

  • Pre construction information 
  • Site handover documentation 
  • OHM manual creation 
  • CDM 

RICHPiX can be used to document all facets of your project, using your chosen categorisation and taxonomies. Apply different levels of access to ensure users only see what is relevant to them.  


Our Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides unparalleled interactive 360 degree environments.

  • 100% UK Hosted Cloud Based Platform
  • Accessible on any device
  • Multiple Data Tagging tool to facilitate notes and document sharing
  • Intuitive 360 degree visualisation

RICHPiX Smart 360 for Construction

Benefits of RICHPiX to the Procurement and Project Management Process

RICHPiX provides an efficient and effective way of compiling and sharing all of the information typically required during the lifecycle of a construction project. Instead of creating and sending a dense stack of Word files, RICHPiX enables you to attach and arrange your notes and files to a visual reference point. By adding the visual reference of the exact site/project, the information is more quickly and easily absorbed and shared between those who need it. 

We can collect all of the necessary information for you, providing a one stop service from pre-construction to handover. Or we can give you the tools to do it yourselves. 

RICHPiX site documentation not only provides a clear virtual 360 walkthrough with all documents added in the relevant places but everything can be tagged. Tagging allows you to easily search and find items using a text searcher as well as the document being in the right place in the walk through. 

construction documentation
O&M Manual

Construction Specific Applications

RICHPiX is not just a photograph – but a way to search for information, share knowledge and collaborate. It’s where visualisation meets knowledge management. Link all of your documentation together and tier access levels based on requirements, with the ability to host BIM models and link to a document storage system such as Sharepoint.  

Our clients have used RICHPiX as a way deliver the below; either as individual projects or to host all within their bespoke RICHPiX environment. 

  • Tender presentation 
  • Pre-construction information 
  • Construction Design and Management Regulation Procedure 
  • Operations & Maintenance Manual

Find out how we can apply RICHPiX to your projects. Get in touch with the team today for a demo. The best part? It only takes 12 minutes!

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