Providing intuitive Smart 360 degree visualisation of existing physical rail assets

RICHPiX© is transforming the rail industry, changing how information is stored, shared and understood. Our process provides stakeholders with an end-to-end data capture and visualisation product

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RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides an immersive experience that can be shared across all project stakeholders with ease. Our intuitive platform is accessible via simple URL, across any device, and provides a range of capabilities to end users, including 360 degree visualisation using ANY 360 Pano format images, data tagging tools and the addition of detailed static images / videos.

RICHPiX uses 360 virtual tour software to provide photo documentation of any documents, notes, deliverable drawings, images, LiDAR, photogrammetry as built and point clouds. All on one searchable platform, viewable by anyone with a browser.


Astrea provides fully qualified RICHPiX© data capture specialists for all manner of construction projects, including:

  • RICHPiX© Qualified Specialists
  • Bridge & Tunnel Structure Capture
  • Full Site and Project Capture
  • Access Point Capture
  • GIS Interface

RICHPiX can be used to document all facets of your project, using your chosen categorisation and taxonomies. Apply different levels of access to ensure users only see what is relevant to them.  


Our Astrea RICHPiX© visualisation platform provides unparalleled interactive 360 degree environments.

  • 100% UK Hosted Cloud Based Platform
  • Accessible on any device
  • Multiple Data Tagging tool to facilitate notes and document sharing
  • Intuitive 360 degree visualisation

RICHPiX Smart 360 for Rail

Benefits of RICHPiX to the Assessment and Maintenance of Rail Assets

RICHPiX provides rail operators, contractors and other industry stakeholders with an unparalleled digital visualisation asset. We can save you time and money by efficiently collating, storing the information you need to document and share. You no longer need to create lengthy text files to document your physical assets, with just a few photographs you can have accurate, detailed, visual documentation of your assets.

We can collect all of the necessary information for you, providing a one stop service from pre-construction to handover. Or we can give you the tools to do it yourselves. 

With rail maintenance and data capture often taking place at night, challenges of visibility can present big challenges to the quality of any imagery. RICHPiX© provides industry leading image processing, regardless of the lighting conditions – ensuring the highest quality imagery even during night shoots.

RICHPiX rail not only provides a clear virtual 360 walkthrough with all documents added in the relevant places but everything can be tagged. Tagging allows you to easily search and find items using a text searcher as well as the document being in the right place in the walk through. 

photo visualisation for rail industry

Rail Specific Applications

RICHPiX is so much more than just a photograph. It’s where visualisation meets knowledge management. It is a way to search for information, share knowledge and collaborate. 

Our intuitive platform is accessible via simple URL, across any device, with the ability to host BIM models and link to a document storage system such as Sharepoint, and provides a range of capabilities to end users, including:

  • 360 degree visualisation
  • Data tagging and Search tools
  • Addition of detailed static images / videos
  • Upload and attachment of any document type
  • Night to day photography

Find out how we can apply RICHPiX to your projects. Get in touch with the team today for a demo. The best part? It only takes 12 minutes!

remote asset management for rail industry

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